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Rachel Klinger Cain

Educator   Communicator   Storyteller   


On my Substack and other publications you will find personal essays about deconstruction, politics, religion, and my own story. 


Welcome to the space where I write about cults, Christianity, religious trauma, politics, culture, and me. Pull up a seat!

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OnlySKy Media

In my family, 2020 had every other bad year folded into it. And certain numbers seemed to burn right through our family history.


So...I'm an Atheist

Structured like a storybook for children, complete with illustrations and a read-aloud format, this book is the perfect tool to offer simple definitions, tackle common misconceptions, and set healthy boundaries. 

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These Boundaries Are Mine

Through the use of colorful pictures and familiar family scenarios, children will walk through the process of establishing boundaries, saying no, and standing their ground.

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